All of our puds are made by hand, in small batches by some very sexy people. Everything is pitted, squeezed and blended by hand before being lovingly tucked up in the finest packaging.

NO Dairy

NO Gluten

NO Soya

NO Refined-Sugar

Norty Puds are vegan pudding pots in three delicious flavours. They look and taste naughty...but really they're #Norty.

Indulge your sweet tooth through our natural, healthy recipes.

We focus on wholesome, nourishing ingredients, to allow for that feeling of indulgence without any of the naughtiness. It's time to #GetNorty.

What's in our puds?

Three flavours that all focus on simple ingredients: a crunchy base, creamy no-cheese cheesecake middle, finished with a superfood topping:

Handmade in Bristol, UK, all puds are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and coeliacs.

Norty Puds Lemon and Chia Vegan Pudding.jpg


For everyone that needs chia’ring up...
Crunchy nutty base layered with a super smooth zesty lemon pud
and a river of chia seeds running through the middle for added bite.
When life gives you lemons, get Norty! 

Cashew nuts, Dates, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 12%,
Gluten-Free Oats, Mango, Filtered Water, Almonds 7%,
Agave Syrup, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil 4%, Chia Seeds 4%,
Lemon Zest, Turmeric, Himalayan Sea Salt

Norty Puds Salted Chocolate Vegan Pudding.jpg


Calling all you chocolate nutters...
Crunchy chocolate base layered with salted chocolate no-cheese cheesecake, gooey date caramel, finished with our handcrafted chocolate.
Norty guilt-free indulgence!

Date Purée (Dates & Filtered Water) 30%, Dates,
Gluten-Free Oats, Cashew Purée (Cashews & Filtered Water),
Almonds 7%, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil 3%, Agave Syrup 2%,
Raw Cacao Powder 2%, Carob Powder 1%, Himalayan Sea Salt 

Norty Puds Bana-Norty Vegan Pudding.jpg


For those Norty banoffee addicts…
Crunchy oaty base layered with a smooth, creamy, no-cheese cheesecake
and our secret gooey banana date filling.
No junk in our banana trunk!

Date Purée (Dates, Banana & Filtered Water) 34%,
Cashew Nuts 12%, Gluten-Free Oats 12%, Almonds,
Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil 3%, Agave Syrup 3%,
Cacao Powder, Himalayan Sea Salt


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