Veganism in the supermarkets

I distinctly remember a time when vegan and free-from options in popular supermarkets were non-existent, to the point where the only distinctly vegan friendly foods were fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Oh, and pasta of course, lots of pasta. Fast-forward a good few years to today’s world. Tesco recently launched a completely plant-based range of ready meals, sandwiches and salad boxes in collaboration with Wicked Kitchen’s Derek Sarno, dairy-free Ben and Jerry’s sit proudly in the frozen aisle and free-from sections are overflowing.

2018 is a great time to be vegan, purely because we are absolutely overwhelmed with choice, from plant-based chocolate truffles to completely plant-based sushi boxes. Sainsburys lead the way last year when they released a whole line of completely dairy-free cheese that consisted of more than an few packets of lack-lustre plastic sheets of rubber. Their range was coconut oil based and there were so many different flavours and types to chose from. The grated cheddar is epic grated over tacos and melted into spicy quesadillas where as the cream cheese is a real winner spread generously on a hot bagel. Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco all now offer Violife cheese as well, another amazing addition to the market place.

M&S are also making changes when it comes to offering dairy-free options. Whilst they may seem quite traditional, the company have recently started offering their own range of coconut yogurt, almond milk and soya chocolate milk, which is delicious, may I add. Their food to go section is getting greener by the season too, with vegan stickers being added to sandwiches and options for delicious, veggie packed Buddha bowls now available.

Online shops more your thing? Look no further than Ocado, which is currently overwhelmed with the amount of vegan products available, from decedent junk food (we love Vego’s hazelnut chocolate bar) to healthier snacks such as Deliciously Ella’s balls and bars, and Livia’s Kitchen millionaire bites. There are countless brands of plant-based milks available, coconut based yogurts and of course, delicious vegan ice cream brands. In our opinion, Ocado are absolutely leading the way.

Supermarkets are starting to really pay attention to customer demand, and the demand for vegan friendly ingredients and products is increasing rapidly. Let’s start a conversation! What do you think about what’s on offer in your local supermarket? What do you want to see more of, and is there still room for improvement?