New Vegan Brands We Just Can’t Get Enough Of!

We’re like kids at Christmas when we spy a hot new vegan product on the supermarket shelves, and it doesn’t take long before our basket is full of tasty new treats to try. We’ve given you a quick run down of a few of our current favourite brands whose vegan drinks, snacks and meals we just can’t seem to stay away from.

Remedy Kombucha

Hands down, some of the best kombucha we’ve ever tasted and with flavours like raspberry lemonade and apple crisp, what’s not to love?! They’re also I Quit Sugar approved, giving us all the more reason to slurp away.

Boundless Activated Seeds and Nuts

We’re big fans of activating our seeds and nuts to get the most out of them, nutritionally speaking. Boundless have done the hard work for us, meaning they’re yummy seasoned snacks are easily digested and nutrient packed.

The Real Coconut

The brainchild of Danielle Hunter, The Real Coconut tortilla chips are the snack we never knew we even needed. These scrummy coconut flour based tortilla chips are just heavenly, and make the perfect summer snack dipped in fresh guac, hummus or simply scoffed on their own.

MightyBee Bananito Bars

Chances are you’ve already seen MightyBee’s Bananito bars popping up left right and centre. MightyBee take simply yet scrummy dried banana and dip them in dark chocolate. Yes, you read right, dark chocolate. How amazing does that sound?

Humble Warrior Elixirs

Humble Warrior’s Elixir drinks caught our eye due to their super sleek packaging design. Each drink is made up of a combination of good for you ingredients, from adaptogens to ant inflammatory powerhouses such as turmeric and ginger.

The Happy Pear

Okay, so not really a new brand as The Happy Pear are the ultimate plant-based power couple, but their new line of products is officially in super markets. From sweet beet hummus, shepherds pie to chickpea curry, we simply cannot contain our excitement!

Kaakao chocolate

We’re all for a vegan bar of chocolate, and new kids on the block Kaakao have certainly caught our attention. They’re free from gluten, dairy and contain no added sugar, which is exactly what we like to hear! Flavours include vanilla and strawberry as well as delicious and straightforward milk chocolate bar.