Picnic Season

Picnic season has well and truly arrived, and we couldn’t be happier about it if
we tried. What better way to enjoy the sunshine, than spending the day doing
nothing but nibbling away at glorious finger food. Just because you’re opting for
a plant-based lifestyle, doesn’t mean you can enjoy a whole array of tasty treats
with your friends, and in fact, gives you the perfect opportunity to show them
just how well you eat. From rice paper rolls to homemade energy balls, we’re
here to give you a little helping hand on the food front.


Homemade Dips
There is most definitely something to be said for making your own dips. Instead
of heading straight to M&S, wow your friends with your own homemade
hummus, guacamole and baba Ganoush, done simply by throwing a few
ingredients into your food processor. Chop up some fresh, crunchy veggies and
you’re good to go. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your standard
Dorito packet, opt for coconut flour tortilla chips, or even vegetable crisps, which
can also be made yourself.

Rice paper rolls

Another fantastic way to incorporate fresh veggies into your picnic basket is by
rolling them into vibrant and chewy rice paper rolls. Easily done by packing in
grated carrots, beets, cucumber and some crunchy peanut butter. Add tofu or
tempeh and some rice noodles, if you so wish. Pack a small pot of soy sauce or
tamari, or a sweet chilli dip to go along side, and you’re good to go.

Mini Sausage Rolls

There are an insane amount of meat replacement options out there, and one of
our favourites has to be the entire range by Linda McCartney. The sausage rolls
make the perfect picnic food, simple heat up from frozen and take with you.
Whilst you’re at it, grab a back of the vegan pulled pork burgers and pick up a
disposal BBQ, the greatest invention for turning that picnic up a notch.

Easy Seasonal Salads

You can make a simple yet hearty salad by roasting up some vegetables and
throwing them together with a whole grain, like quinoa or wild rice, and some
leafy greens. Finish by stirring through some pesto and drop a fistful of roasted
seeds, nuts and fresh herbs on top. These types of salads, in our opinion, taste
better cold than they ever will warm, simply as the flavours have more time to
deepen. If you’re short on time, some wonderfully juice cherry tomatoes go hand
in hand with a generous drizzle of olive oil and some fresh basil leaves.

… And for dessert

For easy, sharable treats, Livia’s Kitchen offers big bags of her popular plant-
based dessert bites, from Biccy Boms to Millionaire Shortbread. Better still, make
your own! Energy balls and raw brownies are the easiest vegan bite-sized snack, and always prove to be a crowd pleaser even among the fussiest of eaters. Blitz
up some dates, nuts and cacao powder for a yummy base, and roll into balls to
serve. They travel fantastically and are so filling that you’ll miss out on all the
rest of your goodies.

Grab a punnet of fresh strawberries, so wonderfully in right now, and a tub of
coconut yoghurt for a free-from, healthy take on the British summertime classic,
strawberries and cream. Better yet? Pack a few squeezable sachets of Pip and
Nut almond butter and drizzle generously on top. We also huge fans of the
humble fruit salad, another fabulous and ever so nourishing picnic option. Chop
up some watermelon slices and squeeze over a lime segment, or even serve with
fresh mint leaves.

We, of course, think that Norty Puds raw dessert pots make a fabulous way to
finish a meal in the sun, and are just so convenient and easy to carry around with
you. The hard work has been done for you, so all you’ll need to pack is a couple of
spoons and you have yourself and delicious, healthy end to your picnic.