The rise of Nut Mylks

All hail the nut!

Isn’t it absolutely fantastic that almost every supermarket you
step into today has it’s own section of plant-based milk? From oat, almond,
cashew to the humble carton of soya, we truly believe that the demand for these
dairy alternatives is rapidly increasing, meaning that wherever you are in the
U.K, opting for a vegan diet is not just easy, but more popular than ever.
Whilst almond and soya have typically dominated the market, that doesn’t mean
that you can’t venture out and try something new. Oatly is our go-to brand for
fantastically creamy oat milk. They offer a basic milk alternative, a barista blend
(perfect for frothy coffees), chocolate flavoured milk and now a dairy free crème
fraiche. Using oats as a base makes for a fabulous alternative to nut milks if you
have a nut allergy, along with hemp, coconut and soya. Koko is a brand of creamy
coconut milk, which makes creating thick and fruity smoothies a breeze, and we
can’t get enough.

Plenish is another great brand of plant-based milks we adore, and there no
nonsense nut milks are made with a simple and straightforward blend of nuts,
filtered water and sea salt. That’s it! It’s important to check the label when
shopping to ensure that your milk contains minimal ingredients and no nasties.
We love heating up Plenish’s hazelnut milk with a touch of cacao powder and
maple syrup for a delicious Nutella-like flavoured hot chocolate.

If you have the time, try making your own. Not only is it much easier than you
may think, it’s also cost effective. Simply soak your nut of choice overnight, rinse
thoroughly and blend with double the amount of filtered water. Blend in a food
processor for a couple of moments before straining through cheesecloth. You can
then make your homemade nut milk into a huge range of different milky drinks,
from your morning coffee, an indulgent afternoon hot chocolate to turmeric
lattes on a cold evening. Get creative and add a touch of beetroot powder to your
cashew nut milk for a wonderfully vibrant beetroot latte, or heat up your almond
milk coffee with a dusting of cacao for a tasty mocha treat.