Street Feasts and Brighton Eats

You can’t argue that sitting down for a good meal holds so much value in the way
we connect with friends, family and loved ones, and at times, becomes so much
more than the food on the table. However, there are times when we simply want
to fill our stomachs and indulge in a glorious box of street food, from a travelling
eatery we may never get the chance to try in our home town.

Festivals and farmer’s markets are home to some of the most innovative and
delicious plant-based food trucks, an environment in which we once were a little
limited for choice. Be it vegan hot dogs, doused in fiery mustard as you dance a
summer’s evening away, to fluffy pancakes within the hustle and bustle of
Camden Market, we can’t get enough of everything on offer today.

Up there with the best Indian food we have ever tasted, Spicebox know how to
do gorgeously vibrant, fresh boxes packed full of curries and loaded nann breads.
From jackfruit jalfrazi to chargrilled cauliflower, you can find Spicebox at a
whole host of festivals and events this summer.

Young Vegans
Whilst currently in permanent residence nuzzled away within the chaos of
Camden Market, Young Vegans offer to-go trays of wonderfully hearty pie and
mash, with the option of mushy peas and gravy. Its comfort food at it’s absolute
finest. Make sure you don’t leave without nabbing one of their gooey, melt in the
middle mud pies.

Osu Coconuts
Another Camden find, Osu Coconuts serve up arguably the fluffiest vegan
pancakes you’ll find anyway across London. Topped with the most glorious
chocolate or caramel sauce, fresh fruit or nut butter, we couldn’t recommend a
trip to see the lads at Osu more if we tried.

Pomodoro e Basilico
One of the original vegan street food vendors often found within Brick Lane’s
Boiler House Market. If you’re looking for a classic vegan burger, sandwiched in
between the fluffiest bun, then smothered in creamy mustard and homemade
ketchup, then we couldn’t think of a more delicious option that Pomodoro e

Club Mexicana
Speaking of originals, if you’re an avid vegan foodie, chances are you’re had your
teeth sunk into Club Mexicana’s tasty Mexican treats. Their tofu-ish tacos are
insanely realistic, and the pulled jackfruit burrito with keep you stuffed as you
head off onto the rest of your adventures for the day.

Los Amigos Churros
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love crispy straws of fried dough, rolled in
cinnamon sugar then dunked in rich melted chocolate? In our opinion, not much
compares. Los Amigos Churros can be found at numerous festivals this season,
and often at VegFest.

Big V Burgers
We’re a little picky with our veggie burgers, especially since there are just so
many out there to choose from. Big V however, did turn our heads, and for a
number of reasons. Found more often than not at Borough Market, their patties
are ridiculously juicy, buns insanely soft and full of gloriously fresh vegetables to

Happy Maki
Whilst Happy Maki may have found a permanent home by the sea in Brighton,
but that doesn’t stop them from travelling around the country serving up their
tasty full-to-the-brim sushi burritos. They really do make the perfect festival
food, armed with sushi in one hand, beer in the other.

Dosa Deli
A new find for us, but high on our list of must tries nonetheless. Dosa Deli serves
up wonderfully flavoursome Indian boxes, full to the brim with stuffed dosa (a
thin rice pancakes), sticky sweet chutney, Bombay mix and a crisp onion bhaji.