The Best of the Best: Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Ice cream, regardless of the occasion, is always a good idea. From sweltering hot
afternoons by the sea, devouring a dripping cone amongst friends, to tucking into
an entire pint on miserable evenings when you’re not quite feeling your best self.
Everyone has a favourite flavour, and we believe it reveals an awful lot about a
person. Be it a crumbly blend of cookies and cream, fruity and refreshing sorbet,
or a simple scoop of vanilla bean, the dairy-free options on the market today are
endless, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

It seems we are spoilt for choice on the food front every time we visit the capital,
and London at the moment seems to be bursting at the seems with drool-worthy
ice cream alternatives. New kids on the block, DOPE (@dopesoftserve) are
offering the dreamiest vegan soft-serve and can be found at a tonne of up and
coming Vegan Nights events and selected Kerb and local foodie markets. Black
Milq, arguably one of the most photogenic scoops of ice cream you will lay your
eyes on this summer, are another London-based company. You can find them
popping up at various markets and festivals, as well as heading to both Mother
and Wulf and Lamb to get your hands on pre-packaged pints. There frozen treats
are cashew and coconut milk based, and offer dreamy flavours including black
sesame, honeycomb, salty caramel and banana bread and birthday cake.

Some of London’s finest permanent fixtures offering up free-from alternatives
include Yorica, Chin Chin Labs and Snowflake Gelato. We’re guessing you’ve
probably stumbled across Yorica’s glorious array of toppings, making glamming
up a scoop of vegan ice cream or swirl of frozen yoghurt a breeze. Chin Chin Labs
pride themselves on their niche way of creating frozen treats - using liquid
nitrogen! You’d be silly not to give their dairy-free option a try if you find
yourself roaming around Camden market. Snowflake Luxury Gelato’s most
recent location in Selfridges offer avocado ice cream in the shape of, yes you
guessed it, an avocado, complete with a chocolate stone.

If you’re looking for the best ice cream alternatives in our beautiful hometown
Bristol, then look no further than Swoon. We’re obsessed with the dark chocolate
sorbet, and always grab a scoop to satisfy our sweet tooth.

A well-stocked freezer full of the very best ice cream can almost guarantee a
perfect summers day, whether you’re picnicking or having a BBQ. A few brands
we’ll never stop adding to our shopping cart including MiiRO’s ridiculously
creamy chocolate-coated lollies, Booja Booja’s sophisticated flavour
combinations and Frill’s nourishing indulgent frozen smoothies.

Vegans everywhere rejoiced when Ben & Jerry’s announced they were launching
dairy-free alternatives, and our childhood favourites Cornetto quickly caught on
this year with their new soya-based product. We’re also huge fans of both
Coconuts Naturally and The Coconut Collaborative’s wonderfully creamy coconut based ice creams, and both Swedish Glace and Alpro are two solid
options if you’re looking for dairy-free versions of classic flavours.