How have we been getting Norty this month? 

There is no question about it; we have all been well and truly spoiled by the heat wave that has been hanging around, making us sweaty yet overjoyed at the same time. We’ve had enough vitamin D to last us until next summer and we can almost guarantee we know how you’ve been spending your days in the sun. Be in by the seaside, around a family BBQ or spread across your local park, what’s in your glass is just as important as what is on your plate. 

Vegan Beer and Mexican Fried Chicken

If you’re headed to the big smoke for a day out (and right now, it really is), or perhaps on the look out for a new local serving up vegan beer and out of this world grub, then look no further. The Spread Eagle on Homerton high street is London’s first fully vegan pub, serving up the best brews from certified suppliers along side the mouth-wateringly dirty eats of Club Mexicana. We approve of their beer-pairing menu, making opting for the perfect food and drink combination an absolute breeze.   


Another one for the beer lovers, Brewdog not only offer fabulous vegan eats on its classic pub grub menu, but they also serve up a number of vegan friendly beers. With multiple locations across the UK, as well as an online shop offering the best booze straight to your door, enjoying a refreshing pint is stress free and ever so tasty. 

The Drink of the Moment

An aperol spritz is having its moment this summer, with after work drinkers and sun worshipers mixing their own popping up left, right and centre. The orange-come-rhubarb flavoured liquor is mixed with prosecco and soda. Be at One, found across the UK, have a fabulous one, or simply make your own.

Almond Milk Baileys

When Baileys revealed they were bringing out a completely dairy-free version of there some-what acquired tasting adult milk, vegans everywhere rejoiced. And they let the world know about it too. From pop up cafes serving vegan sweet treats, all incorporating the new drink in someway, to glamorous and tantalising ads on the telly. Treat yourself by blending up a scoop of dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s, a dash of Baileys, some almond milk (to soften the blow) and serve with your fanciest re-useable straw. 

Seedlip Blends

If you’re not a big drinker, or perhaps catering for a friend who’s sworn off the hard stuff, Seedlip offers fabulous distilled non-alcoholic spirits. They are all vegan friendly and sugar-free, meaning you won’t feel as if you’re missing out at all. Pair with elderflower presse for a fresh and ever so sophisticated blend, and load up on ice to keep you cool whist navigating swelteringly hot garden parties.    

Pimms in the Park

Let’s end on a high, classic Pimms in the park with friends. Is there a more glorious, albeit a little cliché way to enjoy both the sunshine and we’re been so wonderfully graced with this summer. Grab a giant jug and load it up with all the British berries and hydrating vegetables you have lying about in your fridge draw. Strawberries, cucumber, lemon and mint seem to be a fool-proof combination, and making the most of the sweet blackberries popping up all over our dried and spikey hedges, as they are in prime right now. 

In the Know

Want to be clued up on what’s in your drink and how it was made? We find apps such as Vegaholic to be ever so helpful at decoding confusing cocktail menus. Barnivore is a great online resource for vegan-friendly wines, beer and spirits, giving you a wonderfully in-depth run down of every ingredient that all us plant-based pioneers just love.