Let us introduce ourselves:

Have you ever taken a walk down the free-from isle in your local supermarket, rolling your eyes as you see yet another processed, gluten-free biscuit alternative? Us too! That’s why we’ve created Norty Puds to fill that healthy-and-vegan-dessert-shaped gap in the market. Each individual raw dessert is packed full of good-for-you ingredients, that just so happen to be completely vegan, gluten, soya and refined sugar free, without compromising on taste. Norty is the brainchild of Elspeth Humm, founder and creator of award winning raw vegan cake maker Elspeth’s Kitchen.

Elspeth’s Kitchen was created after a health scare back in 2012 that lead to a revaluation of Elspeth’s lifestyle. She took to the Tuscan Hills to train as a Professional Chef, before returning to the UK to study as a Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Elspeth eventually settled in Bristol, a place in which she felt completely at home, and recognised a thriving vegan scene. On a personal level, this way of eating truly resonated with Elspeth, since adopting a raw vegan lifestyle had been a key component in completely healing her health and eliminated her PCOS symptoms. By merging these two elements, Elspeth’s Kitchen was born and she began creating delicious yet nourishing raw desserts.

Norty Puds was the obvious next step to take the brand to the masses, creating a commercial, retail-ready product that could be experienced by everyone, vegan or not. Each Pud has the same structure as Elspeth’s raw cheesecakes, a crunchy base and a creamy no-cheese filling, finished with a sweet topping – ranging from homemade chocolate to gooey caramel. The individual serve pots come in three flavours including CHIA-ME-UP - a delicious zesty lemon pudding, SALTED CHOC – a salted chocolate no-cheese cheesecake filling topped with date caramel and BANA-NORTY – our healthy take on banoffee pie, made with a crunchy oat base and gooey date and banana filling. 

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, which is pretty obvious from our fun, colourful packaging and cheeky branding; however we are serious about what we stand for. The impact that veganism can, and is, having on the planet is immense, so by opting for a Norty Pud, you’re doing your bit. On top of that, our pots are widely recyclable. We pride ourselves on being an ethical brand, environmentally friendly and nutritious – all at the same time!