The BEST Vegan Cookbooks

With the internet and social media completely overflowing with vegan recipes, how-to videos and inspiration, we’ve definitely become spoilt for chose on what to make for our next meal. Personally, I think there is nothing better than a good cookbook. A piece of art to hold in your hands and the option to flick through with an intention purely of looking at the pictures. My shelves are full countless different styles of cooking; all stained a splatted with whatever particular recipe was being attempted at the time.

There are so many stunning plant-based cookbooks out there, proving once again that eating a vegan diet isn’t only completely do-able, but also incredibly straightforward. With plants being oh so vibrant, textured and each different from the next, it’s hard to find a vegan cookbook that doesn’t instantly draw you in. Here are a few of my favourites.

1 Thug Kitchen

The bad boy of vegan cooking, Thug Kitchen is the coolest cookbook around. Teaching you how to make the tastiest plant-based street food and comfort eats, from tofu scramble tacos to whole-wheat banana pancakes. The common theme throughout all the recipes is that eating healthy shouldn’t be such a big deal, and we couldn’t agree more. The photographs are stunning, and all the food presented is absolutely drool-worthy. The writing itself is very tongue and cheek, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it as a Christmas gift for say, your Nan, but definitely a fab option for your cheeky best mate.

2 Deliciously Ella

The Queen of plant-based cooking, Ella is definitely dominating the space right now, with three incredible cookbooks and a fourth on the way this summer. You’ve most likely seen her products on offer in your local supermarket, and a trip to her wonderful deli is probably high on your to visit list. My favourite of her books has to be Deliciously Ella and Friends, where she teaches you the many wonders of batch cooking, and how to perfect each component of a large feast, ideal for sharing with friends. She’ll inspire you to get the girls over for Sunday brunch and cook up a storm for your family as soon as you get home.

3 Mildred’s

Mildred’s restaurants in London, most specifically the Soho branch, are known for being some of the best veggie eats in the capital. The book is no different, and gives you an exclusive insight into a few of the most popular dishes on the menu. From beetroot burgers, wild mushroom and ale pies to decedent deserts, Mildred’s is a must have staple for all vegetable loving cooks. Whilst the original book contains vegetarian and vegan recipes, their newest book is purely vegan, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

4 Vegan 100

New kid on the block Gaz Oakley is one to watch. With 100 mouth-watering recipes to try, each photograph is an absolute masterpiece in its own right. From absolute jaw-dropping burger stacks (your jaw will quite literally have to drop to fit everything in!) to delicately decorated raw cakes. The plant-based ingredients used in each recipe are so vibrant and eye-catching (think purple soup, straight out of a Dr. Seuss book), that you’ll find it hard to put the book down.

5 Anna Jones: The Modern Cook

The vegetarian cookbook of dreams, if you don’t have an Anna Jones cookbook, head over to Amazon right this very moment. All her recipes scream about seasonal British produce. The meals are hearty, comforting and oh so nourishing, with a real emphasis put on the food story of each creation and individual ingredient. Almost all of her veggie recipe can be completely veganized, and Anna herself even recommends swapping in coconut and almond milk.