Norty’s Top Ten Benefits of Being Vegan 

1 – Environment
Animal agriculture is the biggest cause of climate change, due to the excessive amount of grain farmed and water sourced to feed livestock, transportation of meat and rain forest clearing to make way for farming. The United Nations reported in 2014 (Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability) that adopting a plant-based diet is essential in combatting some of the effects caused by these methods. New documentaries such as ‘What The Health’ and ‘Before The Flood’ demonstrate this in more detail. 

2 – Health
Health is a major factor when deciding to go vegan. Vegans were once considered weak and unhealthy, however we now know that in fact the opposite is true. A plant-based diet has countless health benefits, such as lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Whilst weight loss doesn’t always equal health, a plant-based diet has been a successful tool for many people.

3 – Ethics 

Animal lover? Walk your talk. If you love animals, being vegan is the best thing you can do for them. It feels amazing knowing that you’re not contributing to any source of cruelty, be it from the food on your plate, to the make-up and beauty products you use everyday. Feeling the love? Visit a rescue animal sanctuary for a heart warming, yet emotional experience. 

4 – Energy

I can’t begin to tell you how many times new vegans have told me they felt instantly more energised since adopting a plant-based diet, and I second that. When you’re full of beans (quite literally), the mundane tasks that everyday throws at you seem to take a lot less effort. You’re able to thrive and focus all that newfound life into your passions. Win win. 

5 - Athletic gains

Continuing on from my last point, a plant-based diet is extremely anti-inflammatory, allowing for speedy athletic recovery and less risk of injuries, often caused by chronic inflammation. You’ve probably seen countless headlines on famous athletes raving about how their vegan lifestyle has transformed their athletic performance, from Venus Williams to David Haye, all the cool kids are doing it. 

6 - Hormone Health

Due to the mass production of meat and dairy, there are an awful lot of foreign chemicals and hormones entering our bodies without us even knowing it. From our skin to our mood, balanced hormones are vital for our overall health. There are distinct links between dairy and acne (due to the natural hormones and pro-inflammatory properties) as well as studies done on the consumption of animal protein vs plant-protein for healthy fertility.  

7 – Beauty Food

Another health benefit of being vegan is the abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that come from plants, essential for a thriving body and mind. All the antioxidants in colourful fruits and vegetables are guaranteed to give you a healthy glow as well as being highly anti-inflammatory, key for preventing disease. Plus, the fibre from these types of foods ensures a healthy digestive system.  

8 – Affordable 

But isn’t being vegan an expensive luxury? It can be, if you love your weekly trips to Wholefoods, stocking up on the latest plant-based treats and delights. On the other hand, some of the cheapest foods on the planet just so happen to be vegan. Rice, beans, lentils and oats are just a few staples to keep in your cupboards that cost next to nothing. If you’re worried about fresh fruits and vegetables costing the earth, opt for frozen! 

9 – Creative Cooking! 

Today, there are countless recipes and amazing meal inspiration online and on social media to help inspire you to get creative! Get outside your comfort zone in the kitchen and have fun finding new recipes and foods you love. We can often get stuck in the traditional meat and two veg type of meals that things get a little dull, so introducing seasonal and hearty vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds into the mix and playing around with flavour and spice opens you up to a whole new world of taste. 

10 – Plant-based Eateries  

Leading on from my last point, there are now so many beautiful, independent vegan and vegetarian cafes around. With apps like Happy Cow, it’s even easier to find vegan options in your area. Within these eateries, there are often amazing communities of likeminded people, all with the same intention of contributing to such a rewarding way of living. If you’re struggling to find somewhere close to you, most chain restaurants now offer vegan options – from Zizzi to Leon, you’ll be spoilt for choice!   


Our sources were:
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