• Why are you called Norty?

We love healthy food, and people don't think of cakes and desserts being healthy. We've created the healthiest cakes around: they are Norty not Naughty.

  • How do you make the desserts?

Every full moon we find a secluded patch in the centre of a deep forest on the outskirts of Bristol and sacrifice innocent dates to the cake God medjule: just kidding.

We use raw, whole ingredients, a combination of mixing/blending whizzing processes and then tantalisingly pack them into their pots.

  • What ingredients are in your puds?

Raw, whole ingredients ONLY! No colouring's or flavourings, in fact, here are some pretty pictures that show you literally the only things we use (thank us later for helping you get healthier):

  • Where can I buy Norty Puds?

We sell locally in Bristol (and you can buy direct from our here: https://elspethskitchen.com/collections/norty-puds

Soon we'll be taking over all supermarkets though...watch this space!